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ZoomInfo | Sign-up for Training
Sign Up For Training
  1. If you are a ZoomInfo subscriber and want a live web-hosted training that is customized to your needs please choose from the options below. ZoomInfo's Client Services department will contact you shortly to confirm your registration.

    In a Pro session learn how to browse our database for contacts and companies using 20+ search criteria and utilize various features.

    In a List Builder session learn how to quickly create a unique target list of contacts or companies with specific demographics.

  2. Product*
  3. Training Topic*
  4. Choose Sales & Marketing for business development or research. Also ideal for job-seekers.

    Choose Recruiting to find qualified passive candidates.

  5. Training Session *
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  8. Company*
  9. Phone Number*

  10. Please contact the ZoomInfo Training team at training_requests@zoominfo.com or (781) 693-7575 for assistance.